Let’s Declutter

Your home is your castle. Why junk it up with stuff you don’t use and things that make you feel bad? You don’t have to. I have a way to help you break the cycle of clutter.

Tink’s Five Pile Method started with clothes, but it applies to almost everything.

Buy my books to learn in detail how to put this into practice. Or enjoy my free articles on decluttering, wardrobes, and my ideas about simplicity and minimalism. You can hire me to help you declutter via Skype or present a program to your group.

About Tinkriant

49-50 portraitI’m Tink. I’m busy. I’m creative. I’m also a lazy housekeeper who craves tidiness.

I’ve tried every trick in the book to keep my environment clean, organised, and clutter-free. Finally I figured it out. Have less house to keep! Now I’m sharing my tips and ideas to help you.

This site grew out of a project I did with my friend, Heather, in 2014. Star-Tink created 30-day challenges, online classes, art projects, self-improvement videos, and other interesting works. We learned a lot and it was fun. But it never caught on. It was good content that I was happy to have created, so I moved some of the stuff I’d done over here.

Ten Things to Know About Tink

  1. I’m a circus arts teacher and event organiser with an active career at Spin Matsuri.
  2. Some of my past jobs have included: technical writer, IT project manager,  webmaster, journalist, lifeguard, and housecleaner.
  3. My mother named me Kristen; the hooping world named me Tink
  4. I’ve been married since 1989.
  5. My headquarters is in Japan.
  6. I have too many interests.
  7. I’m good at math theory but not good with numbers.
  8. See seven.

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